There is a BETTER WAY To Manage Provider Enrollment

The Problem

The situation before Med Advantage

The average healthcare provider contracts with anywhere from five to 30 payors, and the appropriate applications or forms need to be requested, credentialing information needs to be gathered, the applications–which can stretch as long as 50 or more pages–need to be filled out by hand, the signed paperwork needs to be submitted, followed up on, then continually kept up with in terms of updating and re-­attesting.

The Solution

How we made it easy for you

Med Advantage Provider Enrollment Services is the answer. Quickly and easily submit your credentialing documentation to Med Advantage only once, and we’ll keep it on file to enroll you in the networks of your choosing.
Acting as an advocate and liaison between your providers and the payors you have chosen, our experts will see the process through from the application request until you or the provider(s) in your office are participating in a network and receiving reimbursements.
Our Provider Enrollment Services are designed to be an affordable outsourcing solution to meet the needs of individual providers, as well as larger facilities. If your practice consists of one provider or hundreds, you’re a start-up clinic or you’ve been in business for years, our service plans are tailor-­made to fit your unique needs.


About Med Advantage

Our process and experience

The process of provider enrollment has long been the same: collect information and supporting documents from the practice manager, hope it’s correct, repopulate it onto applications, submit applications, and follow up on applications.
Med Advantage, armed with 22+ years credentialing experience and a database housing verified credentialing information for 96 percent of healthcare providers currently practicing in the United States, is now offering services to guide those providers as they maneuver through applications for enrollment to health plans and hospital privilege appointments.
We get our information straight from the source (the agency, board, school, medical association) so you’re enrolled faster and receiving reimbursement sooner. Who do you trust with your credentialing data?

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I am very impressed by the quality and attention to detail that I have received.

— Mindy R., Irving, TX —

Our Services

These services are delivered by a team with 20+ years of experience who are passionate about helping you achieve your goals


20+ Years

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